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Gold is an in game currency, which speeds up many processes.

In to GoldenTowns

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Hi Everyone!Edit

I've been searching for some kind of page with base of information about GoldenTowns, but haven't found one which would satisfying knowledge. I’ve decided to make one, I will do my best to improve your experience!

Why join GoldenTowns?Edit


Unlike in other games, GoldenTowns not only lets developers to earn money, but also players! GoldenTowns has similar mechanics as very successful project, Farmville, also h

as in game currency which has many usage options (such as speed up building process). However people buy it not

from developers, but from other players! Check this out yourself: under "sign in"  and "Play now" bottoms on GoldenTowns page are recently made transactions.

Golden reasonEdit

When I'm writing it, prices are as a picture on the right displays. 

As you can see currently 1 gold = 6.5!


One of the top players, killam has earned once 295 euro in a matter of hours!

Wouldn't you be satisfied with such money?

If not, then TryHarder than any other player currently in game! GoldenTowns has been released in September 2013 it's still new to everyone and the game has constantly being modernized. Why don't give a try? You too have a chance to start earning by playing!

How much gold is being sold? Math

5092 gold * let's say 5 euro = 25 460 euro

The top player has sold 569 * 5 euro = 2845


Latest activityEdit

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